“Design is so simple that’s why it is so complicated”

– Paul Rand


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Who i'm?

In 2010, I set forth on an ambitious career journey, making significant strides as a creative professional within esteemed advertising and design teams at Medina Turgul DDB & Leo Burnett. By 2012, my passion led me to explore the captivating realms of brand development, event marketing, and stage design, where I took on the roles of Art Director and Creative Producer at the illustrious Metin Gürsoy Brand Management & Marketing Agency. During this enriching period, I had the privilege of collaborating with renowned brands such as Absolut, Jotun, Hermes, and Borusan Oto Dolmabahce, playing a crucial role in shaping their captivating visual narratives.

Noteworthy milestones adorned my career as I spearheaded creative production for high-profile events, including the prestigious launching of Premiere Vision Turkey, Jotun’s enthralling “Welcome to My Factory,” and the unforgettable Absolut Istanbul campaign. My expertise blossomed further during my three and a half years as a partner and creative director at the esteemed Folk BCA advertising and communications agency.

In 2019, I joyfully embraced the role of Creative Director for two enthralling “Get Closer” Electronic Music Event Series, drawing an audience of 3500 people to the magnificent Binbirdirek Cistern in a brilliant collaboration with Generic Music & Mentha.

Between 2020 and 2022, a new chapter of my professional journey unfolded as I co-founded Wednesday Istanbul, a cutting-edge communication hub catering to diverse boutique brands.


As a seasoned professional with a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail, my current endeavors find me as the dynamic Brand Manager at Vibe to Be. Here, I breathe life into captivating and evocative campaigns, while also fulfilling the role of a skilled Producer at Galactic Production Company, orchestrating mesmerizing and immersive visual experiences that captivate audiences.

My artistic flair extends to my work as a Freelance Art Director for Craft Works Agency, where I skillfully blend innovation and strategy to elevate brands to new heights.

Beyond my established roles, I take great pride in serving as a highly regarded Brand Consultant and Art Director, offering valuable guidance to new brands and boutique companies. Ensuring their stories resonate with authenticity and leave a lasting impact is my enduring commitment.

With a rich palette of experience and a strong dedication to excellence, I continuously seek fresh opportunities to channel my creative prowess into crafting meaningful brand narratives, making a significant difference in the realms of branding and visual communication.

Through my diverse experiences and unwavering passion for creativity, each chapter of my professional journey has enriched me, empowering me to create lasting impressions and enduring value in the ever-evolving landscape of the creative industry.

Also in my fun time zone, I’m a dj plays high and happy house & electronic grooves to the crowd with some nice, big clubs & bars in Istanbul & Aegean province…


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